Uncommon greek names male



" In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of many things.

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Agot — Good hearted 18.

Greek mythology names for boys have lasted through millennia with their handsome styling.

Ansaldo means “power, leader, ruler.


The name means "moon" in Greek and is the name of a goddess.

When checking out uncommon, weird names for your baby boy, one that exudes a rouge, irresistible allure is the name, Viggo.

While traditional names will stand the test of time and be a far safer bet than anything else, they are also growing more common each day.

This is an obvious a great rare names for a boy.


Achilles may be from the name of the Achelous River, or it could have come from the Greek word achos, meaning.

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Vanessa: This ultra-feminine name is associated with a species of butterfly.




One among the long Greek last names, Agathangelos is a patronymic name that has descended from the historical figure with the same moniker.

Saint Sebastian was a martyr in the third century, and the name means "from Sebaste," which was a town in modern-day Turkey.

Achilleas - Αχιλλέας Alternative spelling: Achilles A male name famous since Antiquity, Achilleas, or Achilles in English, comes from the Greek word achos, which means pain.

Brainstorming baby names can be one of the most important aspects of planning for the arrival of your little one, but it.

The name means "moon" in Greek and is the name of a goddess.

Popularity: #13 Andrew Name meaning: Strong and manly.

Although still a unique name for boys in the United States, Sebastian has been quite popular in Europe for many centuries.

Largest list of Japanese baby names with meanings, numerology, popularity and comments.

Aled is a short boy name that is quite uncommon these days.

This name generator will generator 10 random Greek names and surnames.





Ancient Greek Male Names (Greek Community) Edit.

His name means, "Dove of the church.

It is given to descendants of this historical figure.


Those rising up the American charts include Idris, Alessio, Monty, and Archie.

According to legend, he always carries Jeokpaeji (적패지), the list with the names of the dead written on a red cloth.


Alastair Defender of the people.

200 Unique Non-Binary Names With Meanings, For Your Baby;.

Talented and poetic boy names.

Agota — Good hearted 19.





Dareios is another nice name for your boy of Greek origin.

Bemus – “platform” Ezio – “eagle” Evan – “young warrior” Adrian – “wealthy” Belen – “arrow” Cicero – “historian”.


Nike was the Greek goddess of victory.

This Italian boy name is quite rare and combines the Germanic elements ans and wald to create its powerful meaning.


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It usually comes in conjunction with the name Abraham and secondary to it: "Avrohom Abba.

This moniker comes from “Vigge,” which is an Old Norse name, or “Ludvig,” which is a German name.


Of course, the name is known throughout the world thanks to Homer's Iliad, as the hero Achilles who fought in the Trojan War.

Achilles - Greek.

Alice 5.

Vintage, Unique, Unusual Adara If you're looking for a rare name so your little girl can have something unique to call her own, Adara is a perfect choice.

In the 11th and 12 centuries, upper-class families began to use family names.



Meaning: Rye meadow.

Ajax — Powerful eagle 23.

Aeneas Praising.

The 200 most popular names were taken from a universe that includes 19,613,744 male births and 18,901,349 female births.

" Related: 50 Gender-Neutral Baby Names.

Ale Defender of.

Greek last names come from a country of an elaborate history and a culture so rich, it has remained strong from generation to generation.

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I have got an unusual greek name and was wondering what unusual greek names you have heard of or like Male and female.






Unique Greek names with a contemporary appeal include Lazarus, Linus, Ozias, and Phoenix.

Many a time we associate a persona with their name and always link the strength of their character with their name.


Amber 6.


Unsplash / Arthur Yeti.

81) Ruby's magical mystery tour.

Bell: Very cute! 8.

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When you are searching for ultra-common female dog names, then you can take inspiration from your favorite flower.


Their baby's cool and rare name is derived from Lionel Messi, an Argentinian football player.



By Holly Riordan Updated February 1, 2022.






Agnetha — Sacred, Chaste 16.




Good mother. It is given to descendants of this historical figure.





In the Old Testament this name is borne by. What is a good boy Greek name? Along with Phillip and George, the top Greek boy names in the US Top 500 today include Alexander, Atticus, Elias, Jonas, Lucas, Nico, Sebastian, and Tobias.


Galen - Calm, a healer.



Sir Toby Belch, as his name indicates, is earthy, crude, very fat, and jolly.

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They consider it weird.

Gerard is a supporter of Messi.

Many a time we associate a persona with their name and always link the strength of their character with their name.




This is the half that covers everything which is structured.




Alonzo is a super unique boy names from the 1800s.

ACTEON: Variant of Actaeon, Greek myth name of a hunter who was torn to pieces by his own dogs, meaning "love on to.





One of the representative names is Ganglim (강림), the Saja who guides the soul to the entrance of the underworld.

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It is a forgotten baby boy name with a strong.

It has a Hebrew origin and it means God is my strength.

Annas - Compassion of God.


Perhaps you’re looking to honor your Greek heritage.

While you've probably heard of many Greek mythology names, some may sound just as great but be a little less ordinary.

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How would you like these Greek male names:.


Male form of the name Aerope.

While less descriptive and intuitive than the grand names they are easier to tabulate and use in data processing applications.

One explanation for this is that a.